Kashmir in November 2024

Kashmir is a beautiful region in the northern part of India, known for its scenic landscapes, snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and rich culture. It is also a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the charm and beauty of this paradise on Earth. If you plan to visit Kashmir in November 2024, here are some things you need to know and some places you can explore.

Weather in Kashmir in November 2024

The weather in Kashmir in November is cold and dry, with an average temperature of around 10°C during the day and 2°C at night. The days are sunny and precise, while the nights are chilly and frosty. The air is crisp and fresh, and the sky is blue and bright. The weather is perfect for enjoying the scenic views of the mountains and valleys and indulging in some outdoor activities.

The temperature in Kashmir in November 2024

The temperature in Kashmir in November varies depending on the altitude and location of the place. The higher you go, the colder it gets. For example, the temperature in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is around 14°C during the day and 0°C at night. The temperature in Gulmarg, a popular ski resort, is around 8°C during the day and -4°C at night. The temperature in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, is around 6°C during the day and -10°C at night. Therefore, you need to pack accordingly and carry warm clothes, woolen caps, gloves, scarves, and boots.

Snowfall in Kashmir in November  2024

The snowfall in Kashmir in November is not very heavy, but it is enough to cover the mountains and valleys with a thin layer of white. The snowfall usually starts from mid-November and lasts till late December. Snowfall adds to the beauty and charm of Kashmir, making it look like a winter wonderland. The snowfall also attracts many tourists who want to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and other snow activities.

Places to visit Kashmir in November 2024

There are many places to visit in Kashmir in November that offer stunning views of nature and culture. Some of the must-visit places are:


Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and the largest city in the region. It is famous for its lakes, gardens, shrines, and houseboats. Some of the attractions in Srinagar are Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake, Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Chashme Shahi, Hazratbal Shrine, Jamia Masjid, Shankaracharya Temple, and Hari Parbat.


Gulmarg is a hill station and a ski resort about 50 km from Srinagar. It is known for its meadows, forests, flowers, and snow. Some of the attractions in Gulmarg are Apharwat Peak, Gulmarg Gondola, Gulmarg Golf Course, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, and Alpather Lake.


Pahalgam is a town and a tourist destination located about 90 km from Srinagar. It is known for its valleys, rivers, mountains, and glaciers. Some of the attractions in Pahalgam are the Lidder River, Betaab Valley, Aru Valley, Chandanwari, Baisaran, and Kolahoi Glacier.


Sonamarg is a hill station and a base camp for trekking about 80 km from Srinagar. It is known for its meadows, lakes, streams, and glaciers. Some of the attractions in Sonamarg are Thajiwas Glacier, Gadsar Lake, Satsar Lake, Gangabal Lake, and Vishansar Lake.


Leh is the capital of Ladakh and a gateway to the Himalayas located about 430 km from Srinagar. It is known for its monasteries, palaces, museums, and markets. Some of the attractions in Leh are Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa, Leh Mosque, Leh Market, Hall of Fame, and Hemis Monastery.

Kashmir in November activities

There are many activities to do in Kashmir in November that will make your trip memorable and exciting. Some of the activities are:

Shikara ride

A shikara is a traditional wooden boat that is used to cruise on the lakes of Kashmir. It is a relaxing and romantic way to enjoy the beauty of the water, the mountains, and the sky. You can also buy flowers, fruits, handicrafts, and souvenirs from the floating vendors on the lake.

Houseboat stay

A houseboat is a floating accommodation that is anchored on the lakes of Kashmir. It is a luxurious and comfortable way to experience the culture and hospitality of Kashmir. You can enjoy the views of the lake, the gardens, and the hills from your houseboat, as well as savor the delicious Kashmiri cuisine.

Gondola ride

A gondola is a cable car that takes you to the top of Apharwat Peak in Gulmarg. It is one of the highest and longest cable car rides in the world, offering breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountains and valleys. You can also enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and other snow activities on the peak.

Pony ride

A pony ride is a fun and adventurous way to explore the scenic places of Kashmir. You can hire a pony and ride through the meadows, forests, rivers, and glaciers of Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, and other places. You can also interact with the local people and learn about their culture and lifestyle.


Trekking is a challenging and rewarding way to discover Kashmir’s natural beauty and diversity. You can trek through the rugged terrains, steep slopes, narrow passes, and high altitudes of Kashmir, witnessing some of the most stunning landscapes and wildlife. Some of the popular treks in Kashmir are Amarnath Yatra, Tarsar Marsar Trek, and Great Lakes Trek.

Kashmir in November travel guide

To make your trip to Kashmir in November smooth and hassle-free, here are some tips and advice that you should follow:

  • Book your tickets and accommodation in advance, as November is the peak season for tourism in Kashmir.
  • Carry valid identity proofs such as a passport, voter ID card, Aadhaar card, etc., as you may need them at checkpoints and hotels.
  • Carry cash and cards, as ATMs and card machines may not be available or functional in some places.
  • Carry warm clothes, woolen caps, gloves, scarves, boots, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, etc., as it can get very cold and dry in Kashmir in November.
  • Carry medicines and a first aid kit, as you may face altitude sickness, cold, cough, fever, etc., due to the weather and terrain.
  • Carry a camera and extra batteries or power bank, as you will want to capture the amazing views and moments of your trip.
  • Respect the local culture and customs, as Kashmir is a diverse and sensitive region with different religions and ethnicities.
  • Avoid any political or controversial discussions or arguments with anyone, as Kashmir is a disputed and volatile region with frequent unrest and conflicts.
  • Follow the instructions and guidelines of your tour operator or guide, as they know the best routes and places to visit in Kashmir.

photography in Kashmir in November 2024

Kashmir in November is a photographer’s paradise, as it offers some of the most beautiful and captivating scenes of nature and culture. Firstly, you can capture the golden hues of autumn leaves, which contrast with the sparkling white of fresh snowfall. Secondly, you can capture the vibrant colors of flowers and fruits, which brighten up the landscape. Thirdly, you can capture the serene blue of lakes and skies, which reflect the calmness and clarity of the atmosphere. Moreover, you can capture the majestic green of mountains and valleys, which showcase the diversity and grandeur of the terrain. Finally, you can capture the charming faces of people and animals, which reveal the culture and life of Kashmir. Some of the best places for photography in Kashmir in November are:

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is one of the most iconic landmarks of Kashmir. It is a large lake surrounded by hills and gardens that reflect the changing colors of the sky and the seasons. You can capture the stunning views of the lake, the houseboats, the shikaris, the floating markets, the gardens, and the people on the lake.


Gulmarg is a winter wonderland in November, as it receives the first snowfall of the season. It is a paradise for skiers, snowboarders, and snow lovers. You can capture the snow-covered peaks, the gondola rides, the ski slopes, the pine forests, and the wildlife in Gulmarg.


Pahalgam is a picturesque town in November, as it showcases the beauty of autumn and winter. It is a gateway to many trekking routes and pilgrimage sites. You can capture the Lidder River, the Betaab Valley, the Aru Valley, the Chandanwari, the Baisaran, and the Kolahoi Glacier in Pahalgam.


Sonamarg is a golden meadow in November, as it glows with the colors of fall and winter. It is a base camp for many treks and expeditions. You can capture the Thajiwas Glacier, the Gadsar Lake, the Satsar Lake, the Gangabal Lake, and the Vishansar Lake in Sonamarg.


Leh is a cultural hub in November, as it displays the rich heritage and history of Ladakh. It is a junction for many roads and trails to the Himalayas. You can capture the Leh Palace, the Shanti Stupa, the Leh Mosque, the Leh Market, the Hall of Fame, and the Hemis Monastery in Leh.


Kashmir in November 2024 is a dream destination for anyone who loves nature, culture, adventure, and romance. It is a place where you can witness the magic of seasons, the diversity of landscapes, and the warmth of people. It is a place where you can create memories that will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and pack your bags for Kashmir in November 2024!