Umrah Tickets

Umrah Flights

Kashmir tickets in an operator in Kashmir Valley and provides Umrah Flight from Srinagar to Jeddah. We provide direct Umrah Flight as well as Via Umrah Flights. There are different benefits in Umrah Flights based on the Umrah Package you choose. Different Umrah Package has different Umrah Services which include Umrah Flights, Umrah Visa, Umrah accommodation and much more.

We provide direct Umrah Flight from Air India which is bit costlier than Via Umrah Flight. In direct Umrah Flight the facilities are more comfortable and you can reach the destination in less time.

In Via Umrah Flight it takes time to reach the Jeddah because you have Via Umrah Flight where you need to switch to the Saudi Airlines at Delhi Airport. You can choose any type of Umrah Flight as per you need and comfort.

Different Umrah Flights has different Umrah Flight Ticket Price which is based on the Umrah flight you choose. If you will select the Via Umrah Flight your Umrah Package will be less expensive as compared to if you choose Direct Umrah Flight.

Umrah flight Ticket Price

There is a wide variety of Umrah flights with the different Umrah flight ticket price. The Umrah flight ticket price depends on the Umrah flight chosen by you. The Umrah flight ticket price is also based on the Flight services provided by the airlines.

For example if we talk about the Air India the price is higher as it is a direct flight to Jiddah. In comparison to that of Air India, Saudi Airlines is bit lesser.
So the Umrah flight ticket price depends on the flight chosen by you.

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